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About c3nav

c3nav is open source software, find out more about it on GitHub.

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The c3nav team at this event: Laura (codingcatgirl), Jenny (hackyscientress), Morre, ionxenia

Hosting for this event was kindly provided by: SysEleven

Development of the software was supported by the following patrons on Patreon: David Plassmann

Responsible for this website:

Laura Kl√ľnder, Altendorfer Str. 510, 45355 Essen, laura@codingcatgirl.de

Data privacy

We do not collect any personal data.

Any data that your device sends to c3nav that might be used to track you will either be discarded after processing it or saved in a way that does not allow us to connect it to you.

If you register an account, we do not ask for personal data either.